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At Kids Academy Africa, we pride ourselves on our innovative and imaginative childhood curriculum, which is tailored to the individuality of each child while remaining relevant and dynamic by integrating the best of various educational methods.

Our enriched curriculum offers numerous activities that encompass computer science-based activities fundamental to analytical and cognitive thinking skill development, sensorial and movement-based activities critical to motor development, fantasy play, arts and crafts, and life skills, all of which are essential for the social and emotional development of children. We also prioritise technology education, which prepares our students for future readiness.

As a family-oriented, quality, one-stop educational needs learning centre, Kids Academy Africa provides a secure and spacious environment where overcrowding is not an issue. We offer nutritious meals and cater to children aged from 19 months to 6 years, with no hidden costs. Our passionate teachers and staff deliver structured lessons and provide a vast variety of toys, with all stationery provided.


Ball skills


(Gymnastics, dancing and body movements)

Brain box

(Chess, Jenga, Scrabble, Lego, Puzzles and lots more…)


KAN – Kids Academy Nature

We discuss anything nature related (for example pollution). We also participate in community beach clean-ups etc.)


At an additional cost of R670

(2x 1 hour lessons per week during school term)

Our class sizes are large, but we keep our groups small to ensure one-on-one attention and maintain a good social distance from other learners. Our highly trained staff is always on hand to assist where necessary, and we offer continuous feedback on your child’s progress.

At Kids Academy Africa, we take a holistic approach to education, always updating our methods to ensure our students receive the best possible education. We firmly believe that learning through a combination of play activities is key to a child’s development and success.

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