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Senior Phase (Grade 8)
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Kids Academy Africa Senior Phase

Due to the unprecedented amount of requests from existing parents and parents unable to place their children in High school, We’re thrilled to announce that enrollments for the Senior Phase Grade 8 at our STEM-based and CAPS-aligned school are now officially open for the academic year 2024!

As part of our commitment to providing top-notch education, we’re starting with Grade 8 next year, and each subsequent year, we’ll be adding a new grade until we reach Grade 12.

Building a strong foundation in science and math, fostering problem-solving skills, and inspiring future STEM careers.

Senior phase STEM education focuses on building a strong foundation in science and math, integrating these disciplines, and emphasizing problem-solving skills.

Students engage in hands-on learning, explore technology, and are introduced to engineering concepts. This phase aims to inspire interest in STEM careers, promote diversity, and encourage collaboration. It sets the stage for more advanced STEM coursework in high school.

Grade 8 Subjects

1. Home Language: English
2. First Additional Language: IsiZulu and Afrikaans
3. Mathematics
4. Natural Sciences
5. Social Sciences
6. Technology
7. Economic and Management Sciences
8. Life Orientation
9. Creative Arts
10. Coding and Robotics
11. STEM-based activities

Children will be signed up for Google Class and www.brilliant.com


What Parents are Saying

State of the art preschool. Soft playground as well as indoor out door playground. Beautiful Setting!

N. Longbottom

Most amazing school my son loves it there and is so happy. Teacher’s are amazing and so professional. Highly recommend all parents that is looking for a great school for they kids.

M. Lindecke

Highly recommended! Modern equipment, hygienic environment, and attention to detail!

It has been an absolute joy watching my child flourish academically as well as socially whilst in the school.

J. Louw